Rain Paint - Nihil Nisi Mors (My Kingdom Music) - Back
Ahhh, a fresh sound... with nothing behind closed doors! Formed in 2002, this Finnish trio have a very atmospheric, melodic, and aggressive approach with influences ranging from older-Katatonia (the song, Rain Paint) to Death (the song, Death Drive & Fear). Yep, Rain Paint also managed to include guest performances from Henri Villberg (Rapture), Micko Hell (Denigrate), and 2 Fragile Hollow members (a band from which Rain Paint members, Aleksi - guitars, bass, vocals & Sami - guitars are also a part of). There is a lot of variety here. Vocals at times are piercing with death screams and at other times, bands like The Cure and HIM come to mind. The guitars are crunchy with a melodic feel for the most part, bass and drums keep an up-beat tempo, and all in all.... Rain Paint are dark new-comers with a bright future (if that makes sense?????).

Rating: 79

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell