Rapture - Silent Stage (Spikefarm) - Back
Let me tell ya, these guys are probably the most under-rated band in Finland currently. In fact, Silent Stage is Rapture's 3rd album and could have had 13 out by now and not a soul would know. Very similar to "Brave Murder Day"-era Katatonia with strong hints of Opeth and Novembre, it's just unfathomable for Rapture to go unnoticed! This six-piece doom/death metal outfit perform some of the most melancholic & memorable riffs ever heard on disc, not to mention very diverse & technical metal music. On top of that, they are still linked to no particular genre label other than just dark! To those of you that are familiar with Rapture, Silent Stage far surpasses its predecessor (Songs for the Withering) and places a more melodic mid-paced style reminiscent of their debut (Futile). They have continued with the varied vocal styles from their last album and have mixed up the tempos of their songs a bit more; a step forward with perfect correlation to their somber lyrical & musical roots. There are 9 tracks total with a running time of around 40 or 41 minutes. A few highlights for me on this album are "Dreaming of Oblivion" and "Misery 24/7", while instrumental tracks "For the Ghosts of Our Time" and "Completion" are magnificent as well! The whole album is great for that matter. It's tough to skip tracks. For a band so impressive with fragile talent, I'll be very surprised to see Rapture tucked to the side much longer. Older fans and new fans alike will be shocked to hear such a strong effort. Highly recommended!

Rating: 91

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell