Ravencult - Cosmic Chaos (Demo) (Independent) - Back
Ravencult, a 4-piece ensemble from Greece, landed it's foundation in 2001. "Cosmic Chaos" is only their 2nd demo, so these guys are still in their relative childhood-era as a band. This demo, however, does not lack in aggressiveness or speed nor does it lack edge. I did find the "Hugo Weaving" intro to the disc very entertaining, but it is a fairly adequate product as to where the music is going. That brings me to my next point. At times, I hear reminiscence of older-Himinbjorg or Primordial and most other times, Ravencult is just a flat-out extreme black/death assault. There are but 4 tracks on this demo CD, but it stands near the 20 minute mark. My favorite track is "Cosmic Chaos Pandemonium"! Basically, this track accumulates a similarity to Mayhem & Enslaved while simultaneously stretching the boundaries of death/thrash-style riffing. My advice to you is if you want to hear a new breed of black, blasphemic order, definitely look into Ravencult! They're promising.

Rating: 79

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell