Razorwire - A Bullet Called Pride (Psychophonic Records) - Back
From the UK, Razorwire brings forth “A Bullet Called Pride.” This is aggressive and energy filled disc. They have a rapcore and nu metal sound or even hardcore and punk. Whatever you call it, the explosive riffs will get your attention…as will the vocals. The main vocals remind me of Stuck Mojo or Rage Against the Machine, as well as some of the music. There are some extreme growls too. The slower paced stuff reminds me of Helmet but the CD also has a more metal feel like Machine Head plus Pantera and Anthrax on the thrashier elements, its not much, but its there. You can even look at their music in the same light as God Forbid and Shadows Fall, also not much, just a little. I think the groove and beat driven riffs are the best elements on the disc, it’s what gets you into the music. You can say there are some radio quality tracks, but not necessarily radio friendly. The production is nice, nothing to complain about. Overall the songs are quite catchy but nothing was all that spectacular, but they do have times they are pretty good though. I like “Full Circle” the most, probably because it’s the hardest edge track on the disc, it’s more thrashy sounding and it has more metallic aggression…they should do more songs like it. People into rapcore or nu metal should check this out!

Rating: 80