Reckon With One – The Purpose of Existence (Independent) - Back
Reckon With One is a Canadian thrash outfit that should get some heads banging and people moshing. “The Purpose of Existence” is eight songs for a little over forty-three minutes of straight ahead thrash. A description of them could be a less complex version of Corrosion of Conformity crossed with Strapping Young Lad, or Pantera combined with Life of Agony. Some riffs are even Sabbathy; cool heavy, riffs that are easy to get your head nodding. But that also leads them to having songs that seem simple to a point where it seems to be missing something. They have the right idea, but the music doesn’t follow through all the way. The music might be a little immature, but they do make up for it a bit with having songs that are good lengths, between four and a half and six minutes long. “Bright Black” and “Simple Simon” are solid tracks and “Victim,” “Paradise Lies,” and “Clinically Dead” a pretty good as well. The band seems to use old styles of transitions in songs sometimes, which is refreshing to hear. They also include some nice harmonies in Clinically Dead. One thing that might need to be a little louder are the solos. They sometimes get lost behind the rest of the band. Besides that this is a respectable album, maybe with a little time, they can grab the attention of some prime metal labels.

Rating: 71