Redefine The Rockstar - Volume Three (3:16 Production) - Back
Redefine The Rockstar is a compilation of bands from the underground scene of music, and unsigned bands. Volume Three has bands that are in the genres of rock, alternative, punk, stoner rock, hard rock, hardcore and metal. To bad the majority of the album is not the heavier of those types. Simply put there is only one song I enjoyed on this nineteen track CD and it was done by Cut.Love.Kill. It's their song Balance, which isn't their best song, but it's a good one. Besides that the CD is not that pleasing. There seems to be quite a bit of punk and alternative bands on this comp. Some of the songs on this CD are downright awful, and you have to hit the next track button on the CD to save your sanity. Some of these songs had pretty good production, but there were some songs that were on the opposite side of that spectrum. If you want to find out more about the one good band on this CD check down farther on this page, there is a review for their CD. Besides that one song, this CD is pretty much worthless to me. Next time try to get some bands from the underground who at least have potential.

Rating: 39