Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs (Nocturnal Art/Candlelight) - Back
Industrial, grind, thrash, death... call it what you will. However, Norway's Red Harvest can be called just flat-out "extreme"! So after a couple of years since their nonchalant, but successful "Sick Transit Gloria Mundi", the quintet return with what may be their strongest outing yet. Relentless and ever-evolving simultaneously, Red Harvest have found the initiative to drive forth the hammer upon the unexpected listeners' ears with mediocre song structures and valiant groove. “Internal Punishment Programs” begins and ends with my two favorite tracks, "Anatomy of the Unknown" and the title track. Both of these are extremely free flowing displays of originality and have an awkwardly diverse sense of rhythmic aggression. Let us not dismiss the heavily-used sampling and programming by Lrz... and the effect it gives Red Harvest as a whole. "Symbol of Decay" is another tremendous offering, though a bit slowed down, as this is probably their most melodic and is the longest track on “IPP”. I like this a lot as well. There are etchy points that take some time getting used to if you are new to Red Harvest. Otherwise, you know what to expect. Surprise, surprise, surprise... (but always impressive!)

Rating: 90