Regorge - Kingdoms of Derision (Dead Again Records) - Back
As they vomit on the microphone, the instruments spew out a ghastly, volitile sound that Regorge has turned into some of the more heavier and brutal riffs since the early 90's along the lines of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. A more modern day comparison would be Dying Fetus and Withered Earth. Their songs are pretty intense for the most part. They seem to use at least one kick-ass riff in every songs. These scottish hellions seem to have released a creature that is untaimed. "Kingdoms of Derision" is unrelentless and chaotic, and they used those traits to their advantage. One things that stoodout for me on my bad side was that it seemed that some songs were drawn out. I appreciate long death metal songs, but sometimes things need to be cut to benifit the song as a whole. The quartet's best song in my opinion are "Path of God," "Inverted Throat Fuck," "Phrenology of Sin," and probably my favorite "Unleasing the Beast." The world need more bands like this, so that if people have a bad day or strart to stress-out, they can blast their music and demolish everything in sight, to release all their unwanted anger at the world.

Rating: 76