Reign Of Terror - Sacred Ground (Limp Music) - Back
Reign Of Terror features guitar virtuoso Joe Stump, and the former singer of Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Vescera. The songs are obviously well played out. These guys are a progressive, power metal band, with a hell of a lot of talent. Listening to the guitar riffing made me wish I could play similar to Joe Stump. He can play some really amazing leads and solo's that can blow your mind. Arpeggios and harmonics are all over this CD, which make the solo's have amazing feeling and dedication. With all that said, now it for a little bit of ridicule. They might have all this talent, but nothing really sets their music higher then any other band in the same genre. All that the names in this band might help get this band bigger then it is, and these guys can definitely write and play, but there seems to be something missing from their music. Maybe it's the fact that a few of their riffs seem silimar to eighties hair bands, maybe a little to much so for my taste. Or it might be that Michael Vescera seems to be straining a little when he sings, or he holds a note to long. They have some good songs on here though. They include the title track "Sacred Ground," "The Unknown," and "Kill The King." The instrumentals are cool as well, but it seems as if the songs were rushed, like they only took one take at it, and said that's good enough. The twelve songs on "Sacred Ground" last for over an hour, so if you are a fan of progressive power metal, like Blind Guardian, then this is right up your alley.

Rating: 77