Relentless - Tempest Of Torment (Crash Music) - Back
Relentless is a death metal band from Sweden. But they don’t play Swedish death; they play brutal American or Floridian death metal. The first band that popped in my head that they reminded me of was Monstrosity. You can also hear other influences like Cannibal Corpse and maybe a little Deicide too. Some parts are reminiscent of Withered Earth and Incantation as well. A few parts seemed to be missing something, but for the most part they are vibrant and brutal. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but it still has it impressive moments. There is a little technicality, but mostly straightforward. “Tempest Of Torment” is brutally simple and to the point. It’s good to hear a non-Swedish death band for once. It seems that everyone is taking something from it today. The only thing these guys have in common with Swedish death metal is that they both came from Sweden! Mostly brutal riffs are all over the ten tracks, but there are some speed driven riffs within the thirty-seven minutes. There are typical brutal death growls that you would expect, and he does it soundly. However, a few of the transitions between parts of songs seem a little awkward. It’s not bad, but I noticed it a few times. Overall this is a worthy metal effort.

Rating: 79