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Well, Rellik has released their full-length 10 tracks of Extreme War Inspired Death Metal!!! Mike Coniglio leading the massacre of this quartet with brilliant riffs and Johnny Dove contributing awesome leads. Then, an array of Coniglio's low end/Guttural vox and the higher screams of might adding variety on this end! Trust me, this is not fattish lip service Rellik has really established themselves not only contributing intelligent lyrics with well thought out riffs Phil dishing out utter blast beats with double bass flurries and Brandon backing up the guitar onslaught with precision on bass.

I tell you only a few Extreme Death Metal acts I cling to Krisiun is one of them and Rellik is up there also because they to me are not mindless in the guitar riffs or vocals. These guys have music that draws you in captivating the listener. This is what Death Metal nowadays is lacking: intelligence to creating riffs only unique to that band as Chuck did with Death/Control Denied. Johnny way improved on guitar (BC Rich Beast!) with everyone actually busting their asses to put out a unique release which I hope will be known worldwide if not already.

If you admire precision in Death Metal then this release is a MUST have!!! Not something that will bore the listener with half assed riff structures, boring vocals/drums/bass like a lot of DM acts succumbing to nowadays. I think that many of people have lost interest in DM because of the established acts have become so dulled out I won't mention any here now most of you still involved in the genre know which bands I'm referring to.

The re-recording of "Thy Kingdom Crushed" now with MUCH better production, variety of vocals Johnny mainly contributing on this end!), plus everyone seeming to click as ONE. All 10 tracks purely unique sounding and for awesome lyric portrayals on their site ( check it out!!! Since Chicago is wholly lacking in Extreme Death Metal as I mentioned previously well "Heritage Of Abomination" is a release that should be owned by anyone into this particular style.

As it is my goal to represent Metal acts objectively there really are no complaints on my end in terms of musicianship, quality, and intelligence.


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