Repudiate – Neurasthenia (Independent) - Back
A French brutal death band called Repudiate released promotional CD “Neurasthenia” in early 2002. They sound like a mix of Incantation and Deicide, with elements of Morbid Angel and Arch Enemy. The band tries to get a little experimental at times but it also made the band not that tight. It’s the typical brutal death sound and it’s not performed better then anyone else. The disc could have been cleaned up a little, but its pretty good for a home studio recording. Nine relentless tracks pound out riffs for the twenty-nine minute album. “Hangman’ Smile,” “Melody for Murderer,” and “Repudiated” were the few tracks that stood out above the rest. Overall it’s a decent effort, with a little more time and maturity they could be a pretty good death metal band.

Rating: 63