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Originally from Uruguary, Requiem Aeternam started in September of 1995 and consisted of Martin Lopéz (Amon Amarth, Opeth), Martin Méndez (Opeth), Pablo Magallanes and José Romero (Inner Sanctum). Currently the band calls New York City their home and has a new line-up consisting of José Romero, Maciej Kupiszewski and Alex Hernández (Immolation). Self-described as “Dialectical Metal,” this disc expands on the death and black genre. They use similar structures to Opeth but they are more chaotic and death metal oriented, and yet there are still some major black influences. Technical and chaotic describes the majority of the darker riffs. It would seem that various Spanish guitar could be included in the acoustic riffs. Parts equal the atmosphere in which the band Anathema can create. This album is fluid; there are no musical changes that disrupt the flow. They can change between extreme and moderate riffs with no problems. Being a little rough around the edges adds feeling to their sound and its separates them from other bands. There are really exceptional parts in every song, and a few mediocre parts too, but everything is played with lots of passion. One of the best elements on this CD are the very intelligent lyrics that have to do with the title of the album, “Philosopher.” Songs are based on the works of Gautama, Seneca, Rousseau, Heraclitus, Nietzsche, Kierkgaard and Tzu. Well written songs encompass the disc and include “Rectitude,” “Liberty,” “Logos,” and the title track “Philosopher.” The songs vary from track to track and they show what this band can create. All fans of death and black metal should appreciate Requiem Aeternum’s latest opus.

Rating: 83