Requiems Of Revulsion - A Tribute To Carcass (DeathVomit Records) - Back
Requiems Of Revulsion definitely has the right type of bands to cover Carcass songs. There are some of the sickest bands in metal on this tribute. Here are a few of the notables: Nasum, Exhumed, Impaled, Disgorge, Regurgitate and Rotten Sound. Now if you are into the sickest metal, this is for you. You would probably feast off of this album. I thought it was a good solid tribute. My favorite covers on this tribute album are "Carneous Cacoffiny" and "Embryonic Necropsy" by Impaled and Avulsed, respectively. Both songs are great songs in their own right, but these covers, I think do justice to the original, by not butchering the songs and by making the songs sound like their own. This CD does last a while. The eighteen tracks on this CD will make hypnotic, bloody, visions wonder through your mind for over an hour. There were also some songs on this CD that were really disappointing to me for covers. For me, if I was to pay my respect to a band that was an influence to my metal upbringing, then I would make sure it would be appreciated by the band. Not to record a couple notes of a song that sound similar to the original and then play all fucked up for the rest of it. I don't think that's cool. In the end, this CD was entertaining to listen to, and I'm sure it will gets some heads nodding just like the originals.

Rating: 73