Resuscitator - A Warrior's Death (Displeased Records) - Back
Resuscitator have been around for quite some time now. This is only the bands' 3rd studio output since 1992 and is entitled, "A Warrior's Death". For me, this is a pretty solid introduction to the band as soon as "Blessings of Satan" approaches. Resuscitator is a cross between occult black/thrash metal, brutal death metal, and even some slower mid-paced stuff can be found here. There are 9 tracks total, which brings this disc to just over a half hour in length. The production is somewhat lacking, but that does not mean the music's drive and intensity is not there. The truth behind Resuscitators' long history with few albums is basically due to the lack of dedicated musicians in their rather unrespectable surroundings. A change, of course, has occurred. The band is back full-force and ready to compile 2 new albums assumably within the next year. These guys are pretty decent. If you get a chance, give them one!

Rating: 74

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell