Rhapsody - Legendary Tales (SPV) - Back
Symphonic epic power metal is the best way to describe Rhapsody, an amazing band that fits their name in every way. "Legendary Tales" is the first release by the band, and it definitely sets a mark on the way power metal is presented. The band does sound similar to Blind Guardian and Stratovarius, but Rhapsody puts forth something that's a little different. The musicianship is what one would expect with Luca Turilli on guitars and him composing the classical interludes. These German composers do not stop the complexity of their music throughout at entire album. Songs like "Warrior of Ice," "Flames of Revenge," and "Land of Immortals" are great examples of these amazing melodies. There are 10 songs on this SPV release, and over 45 minutes of music, to make this CD worthwhile. I'm sure there will be many more albums to come from this band, they seem to have a very promising future. You can check out more about Rhapsody at http://www.spv.de don't wait when you can do it now!

Rating: 87