Rhapsody - Live In Canada 2005 (Magic Circle Music/SPV) - Back
If you haven’t heard of Rhapsody yet and you consider yourself a metalhead, then you may want to re-access your preferred music choice. They are one of the bands that could be considered among the leaders of symphonic power metal, like Blind Guardian and Stratovarius. Power metal runs through the veins of this well-know and talented Italian band. Even though Rhapsody have been around for years, “Live In Canada 2005” is their first live album. It was recorded at the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada on June 14, 2005. This release captures their amazing melodic melodies; fastidious, catchy, galloping rhythms; powerful singing vocals; inspiring leads and screaming solos all in a live atmosphere. And the music quality is quite impressive for a live show. Job well done! Things tend to happen like that when a band has as much musicianship as Rhapsody. Also included are spoken words parts that I believe are the well know actor Christopher Lee. Many of their classics songs are part of the setlist. The first of which is an intro and the last is an outro. “Wisdom Of The Kings,” “The Village Of Dwarves,” “Dawn Of Victory,” “The March Of The Swordmaster” and ”Emerald Sword” all grace you with their presence on the eleven tracks and over sixty minutes of epic symphonic power metal. Only one other thing you need to know about “Live in Canada 2005”before you purchase yours…there are two different releases for this disc. One has the complete show, and the other in a limited edition CD package that not only includes the show in 5.1 SurroundSound, but also has a DVD with exclusive behinds the scenes material. So make sure you get the one you want!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins