Robert Sweet - Love Trash (World Gone Mad) - Back
I love to see musicians try to come back and retain what they once had. Robert Sweet, best known for his drumming and for starting the band Stryper has put out a solo album called "Love Trash." This whole album is basically written and performed by Robert except for the vocals. Robert does all the guitar, bass and drumwork, and does a pretty good job with it. The style of this music is pretty much where Stryper left off. It has the classic eighties cheese metal sound. But I think Robert has added a little bit of the nineties crunch to the music. It seems like he likes it a little heavier. I know what most people would say about this CD, and it is eighties sound, but we all did listen to this music back then, and if you say you never did, then your just lying. In the mid to late nineties all the classic hair or cheese metal bands tried to make a comeback. And its now time for Robert Sweet to do so. Of all these bands that have tried for their second time, I believe Robert Sweet is among the best. Some of the riffs on this CD are relatively good, and with eight new tracks and over thirty minutes of music, you have something to choose from. This CD is about half and half. Now if you can stand cheese metal, that's another thing. My personal taste have wondered away from cheese metal, so this album does not have much to offer me anymore. But I give Robert my respect for trying to get back in the swing of things, and I hope he does well.

Rating: 67