Rob Rock - Holy Hell (Candlelight Records/AFM Records) - Back
If you haven’t heard anything that Rob Rock has done previously I guess he’s in the same likes as Bruce Dickinson, but obviously Rob has his own style. He does awesome vocals in every song mixed with galloping riffs and shredding solos, it’s quite a treat for your ears. You can hear the passion in his singing vocals. The music on this disc is comparable to Bruce Dickinson, Iced Earth, Stratovarius, and Nevermore… bottom heavy riffs mixed with technical and progressive riffs. Some of the riffs just shred! And lets not forget that heavy, crunchy guitar sound. I love the aggressive metal riffing on the ten tracks and over forty-six minutes, it makes you want to pump your fist to the music. Roy Z, who has worked with Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson and Halford, produced “Holy Hell”. So that’s where the sound comes from. Every track has the elements and potential to be a good song but the two ballads kind of made me wonder where the metal aspect of this band took off to. But the chorus for “I’ll Be Waitng For You” gets stuck in your head. It’s the first video and single of this disc which is funny because there are 8 other tracks on the disc that the person who buys the disc for the single will get a rude awakening to; they are a hell of a lot heavier than the single and actually almost as heavy as some death bands. The dynamics of this disc is definitely apparent.

Rating: 84