Roots V - The Pentangle (Root of all Evil) - Back
Some of the past Root of all Evil compilation CDs have been on the weaker side in terms of quality and talent. Roots of all Evil has now released their latest compilation, Roots V "The Pentangle." One thing about this compilation that differs from the first ones is that there are some good songs and riffs throughout this disk, as well as some covers. Some of the good songs include Somnus "The Alchemist," Walhalla "Valkyrie," Opaque "Caged," Aesma Daeva "Downvain," Le'Rue Delashy "The True Will Desired," and Maphead "Smoke 'em if ya got 'em." The styles of music vary from the melodic of Le'Rue Delashay and Aesma Daeva to the more extreme sounds of Somnus and Walhalla and they still include bands like Opaque and Maphead that touch on hardcore and straight ahead thrash. The covers that are on this disk include The Unholy's cover of King Diamond's "Shrine," Ripsnorter's cover of Broken Bones' "Death is Eminent," and even a cover of Venom's "Black Metal" by Japan's Sigh. After listening to this compilation, it has breathed new life in a record label that I once thought was a waste of time, at least for the most part.

Rating: 81