Rotten Sound - Still Psycho (Necropolis Records) - Back
Back in 1993, a band native to Finland was formed. They were named Rotten Sound. In their early stages they were inspired by E.N.T. and Napalm Death and set out to get that grindcore sounds. After a their first 7" was done they decided that they were developing into their own kind of extreme metal. This Grindcore/Death Metal band has an intensity that most American metal bands could only dream of having as their own. They definitely have their own sound. The only bands that I can slightly relate to them would be Cephalic Carnage and Canvas, or a Benumb that had songs that last more then a minute. They are definitely an interesting band and they feature members from ..and Oceans and Black Dawn. My favorite songs on this 6 song MCD are "Ignorance," "Lack Of Awareness," and "Reek Of Putrefaction." If anyone is into the intensity of Grindcore or Chaotic Death Metal your ears will definitely enjoy this one. For an added bonus for you computer owners there is a live concert on the CD as well from Nummirock ‘999, 9 songs captured on video for your enjoyment.

Rating: 72