Rotting Christ - Theogonia (Season of Mist) - Back
Greece’s finest extreme metal band, Rotting Christ, have ventured onward. Alas! Their 9th opus can easily be referred to as the culmination of their career. “Theogonia” reflects a bit of everything over a 15-year span of actual albums. The album thrives off of Greek mythology (whence.... their native country) bringing their black / death style to a whole new level. Along with that, they have also developed an even more gothic feel than that of their "Sleep of the Angels" album. Unfortunately for some, much of that black metal sound they were working back to on the previous two releases is practically gone. Not entirely, though. More sophisticated is more like it. What I mean is that the more black, gothic feel now runs parallels with melodic death metal and a more folk idea as well. Some of this stuff is still very fast and aggressive while other parts are more melodic or just straight up heavy! This album also appears to be a concept, and perhaps, a simple extension from their “Sanctus Diavolos” release. But, know this... Rotting Christ have just released one hell of an album that will simply bind you next to your stereo - wanting more.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell