Sadomasochism - Worship the Dark (All or Nothing Records) - Back
At first, I was clueless as to how to pronounce this bands' name. Then I heard Sadomasochism's debut, "Worship the Dark", and I realized what a bloody fool I was. Who cares about pronunciation when some people can't even pronounce D-e-i-c-i-d-e correctly. Much good can be said about this 5-piece from the western portion of Michigan. Sados' influences range from the diabolical thrash lords Slayer to the gore-infested Cannibal Corpse and the Christian-hating legion that is Deicide. Basically, 80's thrash and early-90's death metal is the result here. "Maggots Feed" and "Eternal Pits of Damnation" are my personal highlights on this album. To me, these tracks tie their influences together in their music best. Everybody in Sado appears to know what they're doing and likewise in the tightness of their dark passages. I would, however, like to see how they progress in the next few years or so. They could stand beside the likes of Exhumed and Malevolent Creation if they continue on a similar path. "Worship the Dark" is a worthy listen, and I would definitely give these guys all the support in the world for a very promising future. I'd like to see how they progress with their next album. Metal horns!!

Rating: 79

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell