Sadus - Out For Blood (Mascot Records) - Back
Several years pass and still I have another new Sadus album sitting at my side. Oh how some patterns never grow old! Out For Blood is the band’s 5th album. Musically, well... the typical progressions that we also found with bands like Death, Forbidden, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, etc.... everyone is much better at their helms. Darren’s guitar sound is much heavier, Steve’s bass playing is out there doing it's thing up and down the neck, Jon’s drumming is faster and has more life than the last album. Surprising me the most, though, is the more blatant approach to song writing. Such examples are "Smackdown", "Sick" and "Crazy" (no Patsy Cline here!!). The vocals of Mr. Travis are more brutal than ever, though. This gives such songs the adequate fundamentals that make Sadus.... Sadus. There are some additional vocals performed by Juan Urteaga and Chuck Billy (Testament). Anybody that has grown up on Death or Sadus, grab this disc. To all others, where have you been? Pay attention!! Visit their damn web site...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell