Saint - Warriors Of The Son (Armor Records) - Back
“Warrior of the Son” is a re-release of Saint’s 1984 debut…20th anniversary to be exact. The band works well together. They reminded me of Judas Priest. So I guess you could call them the Judas Priest of Christian bands. Of the eight tracks and a shade under 30 minutes you will find basic metal songs structures, and mostly mediocre songs. But the solos are actually quite good. Many average parts, that might have been ground breaking 20 years ago, nowadays are nothing special. I’m not a huge fan of this genre, but these guys present forth a decent effort. The first track “Plan 2” is one of the better tracks, along with the title track, and “Time’s Wasting.” One problem I have with this CD is that some Christian metal bands’ lyrics can get as boring just as much as satanic bands, especially when every song is on the same topic. They are obviously on the opposite side of the religious spectrum of Deicide, but similar when you talk about good music but having repetitive topics and lyrics. Overall most metal fans won’t find this to satisfy them, but Christian metal fans will get right into “Warriors of the Son.”

Rating: 67