Saints Of Eden - Shameless (Metech Recordings) - Back
I was rather surprised the first time I heard Saints Of Eden. “Shameless” is so called industrial, electronic, goth, techno metal. Saints Of Eden are a good example why labeling bands in a specific genre can become a problem. There are nice beats built-in and throughout this four track EP. The larger parts of their songs are industrial or techno. Random goth, metal, rap parts fill in the rest. Better parts in my opinion are the few decent metal riffs, goth and growling vocals, as well as guest rap vocal by T. Amore on “Shameless,” along with the video. It’s industrial, alternative, and gothic, plus more, all rolled into one. However, it’s too electronic form me. I don’t mind electronica, but from the metal point of view, techno is techno and isn’t metal. While this does have metal and industrial traits, the techno overwhelms me at times. It actually ruins parts for me. “The Price You Gotta Pay” is my favorite track, it’s an industrial/ techno ball of fire; the highlight of the album. Metalheads beware; this may be too un-metal for you.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins