Salacious Gods - Sunnevot (Cold Blood Industries) - Back
The creation of the Salacious Gods was in 1994, but originally as Profanatica. Their influences include Old Tiamat, Samael, Sabbat, and Kreator and the band can be considered atmospheric black metal. The band has gained some experience by sharing the stage with bands like Altar, Liar of Golgotha, God Dethroned, Ancient Rites and Enthroned. Their album titles are phrases in a dialect that is spoken in the Northern part of The Netherlands. The Salacious Gods latest album "Sunnevot" means "The Sun is Gone" which makes sense for this dark album. Overall its a pretty decent effort, they could have done a little more with this disk, but I'm sure they will progress with time. A few songs that have been singed onto my brain include "Twaeduster Jacht" and "Testify My Vanity." "Prolongation..." is a decent track as well. There are guest performances by Jens from God Dethroned and Marco from The Wounded if you need a little insentive to check out this band.

Rating: 75