Salacious Gods - Piene (Folter Records) - Back
Next to their previous promo release of 2002, it's been five years since the full-length release of "Sunnevot" and the near split-up of the band. With the addition of second guitarist Harfst-ruus and new drummer Fjildslach, Salacious Gods have now pushed onward from its struggles. In 2005 they have performed some big shows, increased their fan base, and restored order in the form of their 3rd album tentatively called "Piene". Still a melodic black metal band of sorts, but they have pushed forth with more simple textures and have become more raw in sound. Evidently, it was the original intentions of being raw, melodic and speed-derived whence.... they've reached success! “Piene” is a 10-track, 40+ minute ever-bleak & mighty speed demon work of black metal art. The vocals are incorporated with both progression and raw power, guitar tones have gone unblemished from before but with more speed & the drums are BLASTING (whence the introduction of new drummer, Fjildslach)! Not much in the way of keyboards are used as on "Askengris" and "Sunnevot", but they are still used slightly in various parts of the album. Salacious Gods are now complete again! Certainly noteworthy, but still far from the big boys like Mayhem and Satyricon. "Piene" is for those familiar with any and all black metal... more so Dark Funeral, Marduk, Abigor and such.

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell