Samael - Reign of Light (Regain Records) - Back
Once again, the eternal spectrum have recreated and further modified what is the Samael galaxy! "Reign of Light" is a deeper plunge into trance-like dark metal fusion of sorts. Hell, all I really know is how far they have come since their debut album in 1990 (Worship Him). There is certainly a variation of styles on this album as they have continued to progress further down the path set forth from "Ceremony of Opposites". Basically, I can decipher things from death metal to black metal to industrial to gothic to progressive. However, everything is pretty much divided equally and distributed in great strength throughout the album. This is one of those albums that may take a few listens to get into for some, but I was totally into it as soon as I heard "Moongate". The lyrics this time around are a little more down to Earth and a shade less spacey, as is evident on tracks like "High Above" and "Oriental Dawn". Another slight difference between "Reign of Light" and their previous two efforts is the addition of some female vocals and more of the clean vocal approach. For the most part, though, Samael is still very much as transparent as they were on "Passage," with a few exceptions, of course. Basically anyone that was into Samael at all before "Reign of Light," will quite enjoy their new opus!! I know I do.

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell