Samael - Eternal (Century Media) - Back
After a long wait from a 1996 release, Samael comes back with an inferior album to any of their previous ones. Samael "Eternal" the latest release for the band has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Once a premier death metal band has now changed into an industrial band, with a lack of music quality and lack of direction. Their last full length album, "Passage" hinted at a change, but their 1998 release of an EP "Exodus" showed a definite change in their future, a change which I consider an improper one. Many bands have changed their sound, some improving majorly. But, Samael, is on the opposite side of that. There is not much of this album, if any, that is reminiscent of their works from the early 90's. A rating of 73, might sound high, but its their past that connects to their future. There are 12 songs from this Century Media release, that will hit the stores on September, 14th. "Year Zero" was the only song that caught my attention on this CD, a song that has some qualities of their past. The song "Being" was the point of the album which took me to the extreme; to not like this album. The album name "Eternal" does not fit the CD. Nothing is eternal on this album, and I hope this sound does not last eternally, or they will loose many of their fans. Those people that are big Samael fans may enjoy this album, and may want to catch them on their current tour with black metal giants Dimmu Borgir. You can be sure to hear some old stuff from Samael, and you can be assured of a great show from Dimmu Borgir.

Rating: 73