Samael - Solar Soul (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Album number 7, "Solar Soul," has taken another energetic plunge into Industrial soundscapes. Samael's ever-progression seemed to have taken off from “Passage” and worked it's way outward from there. Once an obscure dark, black metal band have basically become a dynamic dark metal quartet. Frontman Vorph still resides mostly in death metal range on the vocals, but the remaining music has an upbeat feel similar to bands like Rammstein, Paradise Lost and Crematory. Where the rhythm section used to present almost all guitar with a separate lead riffing overdub, now you have mostly electronic rhythms with lead riffing overdub. A change, but not a bad one. Samael have filled the gaps nicely from album to album it seems. Still dark, yet unmistakably upbeat. All 12 tracks behold nice melodies and grooves with some post-black metal referrals. This would be a strong follow-up to the slightly lesser "Reign of Light" album, a bit more comparable to "Passage", but as organic as "Ceremony of Opposites". A brilliant album!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell