Sammath - Dodengang (Folter Records) - Back
Originally started in 1994, Sammath was created from a basis of Australian speed metal bands and their European brethren. This band is the brainchild of Jan Kruitwagen, and he writes and performs everything except the drums. What he formed was a traditional black metal band, with a little rawness. Not a distracting rawness like many black metal bands, it’s more of an added flavor to this ominous creation. The Netherlands is the current home of Sammath, and their new disc, “Dodengang,” would due their metal brothers proud; bands like Carpathian Forest, Emperor, Marduk, Darkthrone, Blut Aus Nord, and Mayhem. There are plenty of diabolical blast beats and hair-raising guitar riffs. My favorite element is the gripping leads. They draw you into this dark universe. The blackened vocals are somewhat unique in the pitch and tone. It sounds like a lot was incorporated into each song with elemental changes and parts that very from mid to fast paced; more of the latter. Only negative lexis to say is that there are a couple parts that are a tad bit rough. Most people might not even notice. At any rate there are a few top-notch elements that balance that out. A couple key songs on the eight tracks over forty-five minutes are the title track, “Dodengang,” and the most clutch of all, “Stalingrad.” If you like black metal without all the melodic and symphonic prettiness, then Sammath’s “Dodengang” is for you!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins