Sanatorium - Internal Womb Cannibalism (Forensick Music) - Back
Slovak death metal band, Sanatorium, has released their second brutally sick album, entitled "Internal Womb Cannibalism." Everything about the music make this album sick. The sound of the tuned down guitars; sometimes slow and crunchy and at others fast and unrelinquishing, the insane blast beats, the classic death metal vocals combined with an unbelievable deep and guttural vocal, that doesn't sound like it comes from a human. Like I've been saying, this album is extremely sick! The structure of their songs are a little unorthodox, but it gets their point across. I love sick and brutal death metal, but something seems to be missing from this album. I don't know if the structure interupts the flow of the song and album, but the knockout punch of most brutal death metal bands, does not seem as vivid in "Internal Womb Cannibalism." A few songs that I thought carried this album include "Postmortal Gorephobia," "Killing," and the title track "Internal Womb Cannibalism." I am very interested in seeing what happens to this band in the future. It's almost like Sanatorium has created a new genre of death metal, like an Ultra Death Metal. All they need to do is polish up their songs a little and maybe make their songs flow a little more, and I will give these guys all the credit in the world.

Rating: 70