Satanic Slaughter - The Early Years: Dawn of Darkness (Necropolis Records) - Back
Most people into metal these days know about the band Witchery. What they don't know is where they came from, and Satanic Slaughter is the answer. "The Early Years: Dawn of Darkness" is two former releases by Satanic Slaughter on one disk. This includes their self-titled release "Satanic Slaughter" and "Land of the Unholy Souls." This disk has twenty-five tracks for over sixty-seven minutes of music. The sound is similar to Witchery but less technical and more raw, and these songs were recorded at Unisound Studios by no other than Dan Swano. But, the more simplistic sound didn't seem to grab my attention like Witchery, and the rawness of the recording didn't help either. Not that this is a bad band or untalented, its far from that, it's just the early music of a band. Most bands progress in one direction or another, I just prefer Witchery. I did have a few songs that I liked, and they include: "Breath of the Serpent That Rules the Cold World," "Nocturnal Presence," "I'll Await my Lord," "Demon's Feast," "Breath of the Serpent That Rules the Cold World (From the second CD)," and "One Night in Hell." It's always good to see where a band comes from, but sometimes the present is better.

Rating: 69