Satariel - Hydra (Candlelight Records/Regain Records) - Back
Satariel have been a band since 1993. If you haven’t heard much about the band it’s probably because they have only two previous releases before “Hydra.” They have been compared to bands like Arch Enemy, Naglfar, Paradise Lost, Old Man’s Child, Peccatum, and Ram-zet, but even if you could take elements from all those bands I don’t think you can get something quite like Satariel. All you need to know is that they can do any black, death, doom, gothic, and dark metal combination you can put together. Rather refreshing sound for very doom laden riffs and raw melodic rhythms. The variation in how they use the atmosphere changes the tone of each song well. But that is not all that is well varied. “Hydra” is well-paced songs, with catchy riffs, melodic atmosphere, blast beats, death growls and actual singing. They basically covered all bases, right? And yes, this band has solos…some with an amazing amount of feeling. A few other things include choppy fast paced death riffing, vomitous black metal vox, a gothic/folk/Viking singing voice, and angelic female vocals. Some parts are tranquil and some are just plain evil! A few acoustic tracks but this is mostly melodic black/death, Swedish style!! It was even recorded at renowned Dug Out Studios in Sweden. The bands first video will be completed soon, if not already. It will be rendered in 3d animation. I am already foaming at the mouth for more from this band. I hope to hear more from Satariel soon!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins