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"Thy Dark Heavens" is a mix of the extremes of metal. Sathanas incorporates death metal, black metal and thrash together to create an album that is heavy, brutal, and evil. The best way to describe their sound is to picture the band Witchery, but only is they tried to be more of a death metal band. Vocals at times to sound like Witchery and at other times some guttural death vocals are used. The one thing I thought brought this album out of an average one is the heavy, catchy riffs. They do use quite a few of them, and they definitely get you moving. My favorite track "Banished To Eternity" includes one of the awesome riffs. A few other tracks that I thought were decent include "Winged Black Spirit," the title track "Thy Dark Heavens," and "Queen of the Netherworld." There are a total of eight tracks on "Thy Dark Heavens," and over thirty-five minutes of metal mayhem. I'm interested in seeing what this band does in the near future. If Sathanas can get signed, I'm sure their music will sound that much better and maybe their will do some extensively touring so we can all see this band

Rating: 76