Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die (Firebox Records) - Back
Years of longing have finally come... whence, the new Saturnus album! “Veronika Decides To Die” is the band’s 1st release in 6 years and 3rd in 10 overall. The new album consists of 8 hymns at close to an hour of epic doom metal. Man I'll tell you, My Dying Bride have had such a huge effect on the current doom scene! Plus, it doesn't even appear that these guys have any rust in their trademark sound. The lyrics on VDTD are extremely poetic and suicidal.... whence the cd's title. They are read in 3 styles.... grunting, spoken & painfully screaming. The music is very fresh, considering the many bands' similar in style. Trust me, they don't sound totally like anyone else. If you're already familiar with Saturnus, you'll know it is them from the very beginning - they have their own style! Guitars fulfill an extravagant overload of emotion with super-heavy, yet diverse & progressive style picking. The drumwork is nothing too special, but is good and holds a solid & steady pace with some strong fills, hard-hitting snare and even better kicks. Melancholy is what Saturnus is and vice versa! The most beautiful track to me is "All Alone", which is the album’s true ballad of sorrow. Although, I don't think there is any better way to describe the various influences of this band than the track "To the Dreams". Heavy, acoustic... sad, angry... all the vocal styles in their arsenal, it has it all. A welcome back to Saturnus on their new masterpiece!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell