Savatage - Poets & Madmen (Nuclear Blast America) - Back
Savatage formed in Florida in 1978 as Avatar, led by brothers Jon and Criss Oliva. A few years later they changed their name to Savatage. They were pursuing a strong Judas Priest and Iron Maiden influenced sound. Throughout their twenty years plus in metal, they have wrote many songs and have influenced many bands themselves. Savatage has had quite a few line-up changes over the years, but what is now showcased once again on their new album, "Poets & Madmen," is the return of Jon Oliva on vocals. I'll admit that I never really was into Savatage, but after listening to this album I plan on checking out the their whole repertoire, from beginning to the present. "Poets & Madmen" is filled with songs that remind you of the eighties, and also how the band has progressed. Some of my favorite tracks on this CD include "There In The Silence," "Commissar," "Drive," and so on. Even the tracks that weren't my favorites, were pretty good as well. My favorite track is probably "Morphine Child." It's a ballad of epic per portions. There are twelve tracks and over sixty-five minutes of music on this album. This album was a good surprise for me, and hopefully the rest of you will give this CD a chance as well. Savatage deserves it.

Rating: 91