Saxon - Killing Ground (SPV) - Back
Saxon has been entertaining audiences for years, and it doesn't look like it is going to end anytime soon. Their latest disk is called "Killing Ground" and including their live CDs, is the bands twentieth release. This is an eleven track album with over forty-nine minutes of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal style. The band has continued with their traditional style they have used for now a couple decades. Usually bands will try new things or mix their style with another, but Saxon has stayed pretty much the same. The new style created sometimes helps a band to reinvent themselves so they can stay fresh. That might be the reason why this disk isn't as good as it could be. Saxon is starting to get left behind in this day of fast paced changing music. This disk isn't horrible, it's a decent album, and maybe if they add a little influence from this new millennium, the might be able to pull in some new fans and still please the fans they have had for years.

Rating: 68