Scala Mercalli - My Daemons (Independent) - Back
Heavy, power, thrash outfit Scala Mercalli have released a promo/single called “My Daemons.” When I first put the disc in, a couple bands popped into my head with a familiar sound. Old Metallica and Iron Maiden could be part of the bands base, but as I listened they are more of an Overkill or old Megadeth sound with some Maiden in the mix. Overall this is a solid CD but there is room for improvement. Decent riffs are distributed throughout “My Daemon,” but nothing really spectacular. Besides that there are a few things that they can develop. They could tighten up a little and some studio help would benefit this band. Sometimes they seem organized and at others it sounds like they try to hard to get everything in their songs that they want to play. Basically, they try to do too much at times, and it results in a slightly disorganized sound. It’s nothing major, but it was something noticeable. Vocals sometime grimace like Dave Mustaine, but when he sings the majority of the time he reminds me of Rush vocalist Geddy Lee. I think its kind of crazy he sound so close to Geddy at times, it blows my mind, but it works! The only thing negative about the vocals is that when he tries to hit those really high notes, he just misses them. He tries to stretch his voice to do something that he can't do yet. Its good to see bands that try to do things push the bands limits. Speaking of pushing the limits, Scala Mercalli has put a Maiden cover of “Be Quick or Be Dead”to round out this CD. It’s a pretty good attempt at the Classic song. Of their originals, the title track “My Daemons” is the best overall song. Hopefully they can write some more material in a similar manner, it might get them noticed by the metal public.

Rating: 68