Scald - Headworm (Vermitronic) - Back
Description of genre is out of the question here even though Scald are at least metal, I think. The Irishmen's newest offering, Headworm, is indeed a mind-boggling trip of sorts through sludge-infested fields of doom, thrash, death, grindcore, punk, and ambience. Scald are experimental to say the least, but also in a world of their very own (which is nearly impossible to accomplish anymore). The beginning of the disc was a slowly encompassing ambient piece (maybe I'll try the headphones next time!) that sent me slightly dozing off. As soon as "Spindle" (about 30 seconds in) came trodding along, I spilled my coffee because I had the disc up so loud! Ha! Anyways, Scald caught me off guard. As with much of the duration of "Headworm", these guys have that tendency to let you feel at peace and then strip it away with their extremities. If there were to be any comparisons, the closest any bands come to these guys are maybe Godflesh or PanThyMonium. Scald are far and away from those guys, though. Trying to review this even gives me a headache, so just check it out for yourself if you're searching for a new artistic angle of metal! 9 tracks and about an hour of psychedelic mind music. Pretty decent, but need my coffee back....

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell