Scar Symmetry - Symmetric In Design (Cold Records/Nuclear Blast) - Back
Well, I've had to listen to this disc a dozen times to really get the feel of this new Scar Symmetry..... no, I'm lying. These guys are leagues ahead of bands like In Flames and Soilwork as far as keeping Gothenburg death metal and not Nu-Gothen-metal alive. "Symmetric In Design" is so very catchy and also extremely progressive & fresh to the ears. Let me explain, whether some may disagree or not. Lead vocalist, Christian, is a very good guttural death metal growler and yet he can very easily attain a clean vocal that is totally in blissful contrast (check out the track, "Dominion"!!). The clean vocals are very similar to Dan Swanö's or even sometimes reminiscent of Mr. Åkerfeldt and the death vocals are much like the two as well. The difference? The musical approach is totally Gothenburg with some exceptions. Those exceptions are the exceptional guitar solos and the upbeat, thrash rhythms courtesy of Jonas & Per. The drumming of Henrick sub-merges into frantic chaos and Kenneth's bass chords do not just follow, they deliver both precision & diversity. Basically, Scar Symmetry is like a cross between Voivod, Arch Enemy and Edge Of Sanity!! Don't get me wrong, though, the Nu-Gothenburg sound does squeak out a bit but not as an insufficiency. This sound belongs to Scar Symmetry hand-in-hand. To get my point of view, perhaps the tracks "Dominion", "Veil Of Illusions" or "Orchestrate The Infinite" will satisfy my explanations.... or maybe not? This metal style is just good, no matter the genre or clichés! Furthermore, I'll conclude that this new Swedish metal explosion are awesome!! Maybe the sound Soilwork would've attained had they remained strong. Check this shit out!!!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell