Scavenger - Madness To Our Method (Sentinel Records) - Back
In late September 2001, members from different locals bands from the Drogheda, Ireland scene got together to create Scavenger. “Madness To Our Method” is the debut album for these guys and has almost forty-three minutes of thrash and power metal, including six tracks and one instrumental, track five, which was not listed. Musically the material is written well. Mostly the riffs are among the power metal genre with a different approach. They still use thrash elements with riffs like Testament and maybe old Metallica crossed with the tiniest bit of Swedish death guitars, to make the heavy riffs more melodic. You can even hear riffs reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Their influences are anywhere from Iron Maiden to Judas Priest, and from across the metal spectrum. They consider themselves sharp edged power metal. One thing to complain about is that the music kicks ass at times and then slow and weaker at others. If they could keep the tempo up throughout a couple songs, they will probably start sounding closer to Iced Earth. Which obviously is not a bad thing. Vocals are decent or not bad, but not impressive. At times his grimace reminds me of Chuck Billy. A good example of this is on the second song on this CD, “Storm Warning.” It has attitude, catchy riffs and vocals with lots of feeling. “Prisoner of Time” is well over nine minutes, and shows what this than can do. It’s a well-rounded song, from the melodies to the build-ups, and from the leads to the awesome riffs with a great beat are all done very professionally for a first album. “Unstoppable Motion” and “Daydreams in Dystopia” are also worth mentioning. But sometimes the vocals just don’t have the presence like he does when he pushes it to a thrash vocal style. Basically at times I like it, and at others I wish it had a more pissed off attitude. Production wise, this disc is good. It was mixed and mastered at Soundcage Studios by Bastardsun guitarist Stuart Anstis (ex COF). Anyone that is into thrash or power metal I suggest you check out Scavenger, so you don’t miss this band as it grows.

Rating: 81