Scenteria - Art Of Aggression (Candlelight) - Back
In 2002, after being friends for a long time, these guys decided to create Scenteria. Since then they have created their debut full-length and it’s entitled “Art Of Aggression.” A combination of Swedish death and thrash has been used to create a rhythmic metal onslaught. Having only been together for a few years Scenteria are pretty tight on this disc. They have to be with the style they play. The band has the Swedish sound comparable to At The Gates, The Haunted, and Soilwork, maybe with some Slayer and Testament mixed in, but not as technical as Soilwork, The Haunted or Testament. At times it’s almost as if At The Gates and Testament were combined to form just one band. There are many positive elements including precise and crisp guitars and stampeding double bass drums. Death riffs dance up and down the guitars and keep you interested along with the heavy thrash riffs. A number of tracks are promising but not to the level of exceptional. Some of the slower more melodic riffs change the flow of a few songs. It’s not a bad trait, but I prefer the more intense and extreme stuff. Also, a few times I noticed that the riff selection is weaker than I expected. Not that they are bad riffs, just not at the right place, making components a little awkward. Still, the songs are written nicely, I’m sure we will be in for a real treat on future releases. “Dead Point of View” sounds like they tried to make a Slayer song, particularly at the beginning. Other highlights include “Infected War,” “Addicted” and “Reign Of Hate.”

Rating: 79