Scepter - Fucking Metal Motherfuckers (Merciless Records) - Back
What a convincing title for Scepter's newest offering! I'm already thinking Manowar or perhaps Warrior-era Unleashed (Death Metal Victory!) with just the 1st riff on "Fucking Metal Motherfuckers". Scepter is not really death metal, rather a thrash metal trio from the US of A and probably one of the more anti-trend underground bands outside of the black and death metal scenes. Their music really isn't anything special aside from the otherwise pit-friendly heavy & catchy power-chord riffs. I don't think it's about the musicianship at all, though. It's simply and purely about the message, which is self-explanatory. A few notable tracks on the album are Lowest Common Denominator, Age of Consent, and the convincing title track. There are some very nice arrangements and a few solos in the mix as well. However, Scepter is very much meant to be played loud and not meant for any sort of lyrical or diverse listening pleasure. I would like to see how they sound live 'cause I'm sure the pit would be awesome!

Rating: 67