Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance (Candlelight) - Back
I want to start by saying that it’s hard to review something like this CD. You can appreciate Chuck Schuldiner to the utmost extent, but have mixed feelings for this. When it comes down to it, stuff like this probably shouldn’t be reviewed. It’s either old material, which started death metal and should be glorified, or its unfinished work that should be finished before opinionated. With that said, I hope I don’t upset anyone with this review. I have been a huge fan of Chuck’s music for years, and I’m reviewing what I hear…

2 CDs filled with a number of different Chuck Schuldiner recordings are brought together by Candlelight Records. It is made up of raw recordings with Control Denied (one of Chucks final days), a number of Death demos, and a live recording. The first four tracks on CD 1 are Control Denied in a rehearsal session working on material for their second, currently, unreleased album. Musically the new material is impressive to say the least. I’d love to hear it cleaned up it a studio. It’s sickenly technical; there were times where I was just in awe. These four tracks are over thirty minutes of progressive death metal, still with the classic death riffing style that has lasted now 20 years! To finish off the first disc are two death demos, the “Infernal Death” and “Mutilation” from 1985 and 1986, respectively. This is what many people consider the start of death metal. And on the second disc you will find two more demos to start, “Death by Metal” and “Reign of Terror.” At the very end you will find the previously mentioned live recording from Death’s “Spiritual Healing” World Tour, that I believe was recorded in Austin, Texas. As you can see it’s a really death metal feast for any fan, and especially of Chuck, Death and Control Denied. There are parts that are hard to listen to because of the recording quality. I understand that none of this was recorded in a modern studio, but the quality may deter some fans. Rehearsals, demos and live shows rarely get close to what many may expect from these CDs. I would say this is a release for the true Chuck Schuldiner fans and people that appreciate what he’s has done. Chuck, you will always be missed.

Rating: 70