Screaming Shadows - In The Name Of God (My Graveyard Productions) - Back
Screaming Shadows “In The Name Of God” takes the listener on a quest for the secrets of eternal life (“Where Reigns The Sword”) with hard-driving musical lines accompanied by vocals that certainly put the screaming in Screaming Shadows. High-pitched, melodic screaming that is nothing short of what you would expect from contemporary power metal artists of the day.

Instrumentally, Screaming Shadows will remind you of their fellow contemporaries like Helloween, Metalium, Brainstorm, and Dream Evil with their very in-your-face power and speed. “In The Name Of God” offers us even more of the power metal style we’ve grown to love without sounding too much like everyone else. Not that Screaming Shadows will necessarily stand out in the power metal genre for their uniqueness, but their sound definitely depicts a mastery of the musical style that is uncanny. With very complex vocal and musical lines, “In The Name Of God” takes us on a musical journey over mountains of power and speed, and through valleys of serenity and/or despair.

Although the album keeps a moderate to fast pace, the musical transitions between moods are seamless and sometimes leave you wondering weather or not the song has changed until familiar verse or chorus lines make their way back around.

From the first time I listened to this album I knew that it was right up my ally, however, I found that I could appreciate it in a number of different situations. It is a great album to listen to while on a car/bus ride or while exploring make-believe lands in a videogame. Despite its very powerful and technical sound, I found that I could enjoy this album both as background music and also make give it all of my attention without losing interest. It is hard to listen to this album and not hear something new each time, kind of like a good book or movie.

This album is definitely for power metal fans, you really have to appreciate the power metal school of thought to truly get into it. The vocal capacity of the singer(s) is astounding, along with some very technical guitar leads. You will also find that within each track there are a number of time changes, it is as if the album’s musical parts were written like a symphony. Every instrument has its moments to shine in each track and does so successfully without overdoing it.

The following tracks come highly recommended: the above mentioned “Where Reigns The Sword,” the band’s own title track “Screaming Shadows,” the very powerful “The Sh*ts Are Everywhere,” and the most dynamically different “Broken Promise (part 1).” Other than a short piano reprise later in the album, “Broken Promise (part 1)” shows a very mellow side of the band which breaks from the album’s established tradition of in-your-face power.

“In The Name Of God” comes highly recommended, but again, it has a secure place as a power metal album which means that you really need to be able to appreciate the style in order to truly enjoy this recording as I do. I give it a 98/100 because I do not believe there is such thing as a “perfect” album, but also because I dare other artists out there to top it!


Reviewed By: Brian Grefrath