Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony (Red Stream) - Back
Many bands try to add a little something to their music to give them an added touch or just another dynamic to their music. Sear Bliss a black metal band with and old school touch, adds a tuba and brass section to “Forsaken Symphony” for that unique sound. They have also added more keys than their previous efforts. This helps develop their music to be more full, and theatrical. But at the same time, the brass section, seems a little over barring and they drowns out the guitars. Horns add a very dramatic and evil undertone to their songs; makes it majestic and mystical. One more thing that I have to draw attention to is their songs, depending on which one, seem drawn-out or repetitive, it’s not to overwhelming, but it is noticeable enough to mention. These nine tracks and sixty-three minutes of layered black metal reminds me of old …and Oceans and old Dimmu Borgir. There wasn’t one stand out track on the disc, but there was a bunch of decent tracks including “Last Stand,” “My Journey to the Stars,” “The Vanishing,” and “Eternal Battlefields.” Basically this is a band with the privative black metal sound with adding invention and interesting topics for their lyrics. It’s a good effort, but it’s not quite there.

Rating: 64