Sear Bliss - Glory and Perdition (Red Stream) - Back
This is some very grim, majestic, and atmospheric black metal! Sear Bliss' fifth opus, "Glory and Perdition", are seemingly at their utmost musically and lyrically to date. This Hungarian quintet have managed to bind together elements of Mayhem, Ancient, and Summoning with a sound that is of their own craftiness. The vocals remind me a lot of older Mayhem with a sorta old-Tiamat mold. Musically, I have to say the uniqueness is definitely there with tremendous guitar and drum work. The keyboards stand out as the most unique, however. You'll find that Sear Bliss will stand out due to their very ghastly and majestic use of the trumpet effect, alongside the usual black metal keyboards - which are very ethereal. A more "raw" feel is evident on tracks like "Glory to Perdition" and "Two Worlds Collide", while a more atmospheric feel can be found on tracks like "Blood Serenade" and "Night Journey". All of the songs have both, but these are mere contrasts of Sear Bliss' musical repertoire. This album isn't flawless, but I am very impressed with this dark/black metal approach! This is a bit different and if you're open to any "uniqueness", you may find yourself quite amazed with Sear Bliss.....

Rating: 86

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell