Sear Bliss - The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight Records) - Back
In all likelihood, Hungary's Sear Bliss may very well be the only black metal band to feature a trombone player. This is the quintet’s sixth full length entitled, “The Arcane Odyssey.” An 8 track, 45 + minute epic opus of cosmic, hateful and just true pagan black metal... if you will. Not only have Sear Bliss reached a higher plateau with this release, they have also managed to maintain the magic of their "Glory & Perdition" album. There certainly are strong remnants of their black metal roots still and a parallel to thrash / death metal have also been managed this time. The atmosphere plays an equally important and vivid role as in their previous releases. The guitar and drumwork is as equally impressive. The upgrade could be explained, basically, in a more sophisticated sound. The songs are a bit more straightforward and raw, but still somewhat unpredictable and yes.... sophisticated. 8 tracks that vary between fast and mid-pace, but with some nice groove at times. For those who have followed this band for a while, you should expect a true black metal masterpiece! “The Arcane Odyssey” also is presented with some nice artwork. Sear Bliss may soon get the recognition throughout metal that they have long deserved! Horns up!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell